Palletizing & Depalletizing

CAMotion's palletizing & depalletizing robots automate the loading and unloading of pallets.

CAMotion's palletizing and depalletizing machines operate on overhead rails, permitting coverage of extremely large workspaces, and the servicing of multiple pallets with a single robot.

Built-in palletizing functions automatically generate optimal pallet loading configurations for mixed SKUs.

Advanced machine vision algorithms permit automatic unloading of pallets in an unstructured workspace. This means that pallets and product do not have to be precisely placed.

Engineered for continuous industrial duty. Proven in production bindery print lines.

Palletizer/Depalletizer Applications
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Next Generation LDP
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Depalletizing Test
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2-Axis Palletizer
CAMotion's loose lift palletizer for the print industry. Palletizes 15 pallets per hour with slip sheet in between layers.
Robotic 2-axis row-depalletizer being tested at CAMotion headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
This robotic crane system was designed for the printing industry to be used on bindery lines. The system automates the depalletizing of logs and loading of stream feeders. Many technologies are used in order to make this system work well, including machine vision, safety scanners, scheduling algorithms, and motion control.
CAMotion's box palletizer built for leading manufacturer of automotive cleaning products. Palletizes rows of boxes using vacuum gripper head. Pallet handler dispenses and ejects pallets automatically.

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