Engineered Solutions

CAMotion is at the forefront of industrial motion technology. Our solutions are based on the strongest advances in control theory, intelligent sensor use, and advanced logistics. These enable our machines to be faster, lighter, more precise, and less costly than conventional robotic solutions. As a result, CAMotion regularly delivers solutions that were previously either economically or technologically impossible.

We have found that the safety and efficiency of most work situations can be improved with advanced motion control. Whether the situation requires small-scale manipulation, high-speed packaging, automatic depallitizing, or precise manipulation of multi-ton payloads, CAMotion delivers solutions to suit our customers individual requirements.

Engineered Solutions Applications
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Rapid Lid Placement
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Inspection and Placement
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Frame Stretch & Staple
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Stamp Peel & Place
CAMotion high-speed gantry robot used for acquiring and depositing lids onto containers.
CAMotion robot configured for stretching and stapling frames.
A supplier of painted automotive parts asked CAMotion to develop a custom solution for 100% inspection and packing. The solution involved automated motion and machine vision.
A Fortune 500 company and repeat CAMotion client needed to automate the task of peeling adhesive-backed stamps and placing them onto labels.The solution integrated motion control, machine vision, and custom end-effectors.

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