From our Customers

''This is a very nice system. It is user friendly and makes moving heavy equipment much, much safer. No swing is a safe thing. Now I can rest easy knowing this system is in place and thank you for the up front training you gave to our employees.''

-Shift Supervisor, Johnson Controls

''Why would we ever build a crane without this technology on it?''

-Tier 1 Crane OEM

''The crane operates much smoother and controlled then in the past. New operators can better simulate movements that used to be reserved for more experienced operators. This is expected to reduce equipment damage and excessive wear.''

-Project Engineer, Novelis
Crane Matters

PRODUCTIVITY MATTERS in high throughput applications. For many of our customers, cranes are used around the clock. Efficient use of cranes, even while driving through tough spots is essential to preventing bottle necks.

SAFETY MATTERS to our customers because they are concerned about injury to crane operators and bystanders. Though less serious, damage to sensitive or costly equipment is also a major concern. Cranes are dangerous, and when hoisting a heavy load, the consequences of small operating mistakes are magnified and can lead to equipment damage, loss of investment, or personal injury.

PRECISION MATTERS CAMotion knows that although our customers hoist tremendously large loads, both in size and weight, they often are positioning these loads with sub-inch tolerances. Precision positioning matters to CAMotion because it matters to our customers.

EASE-OF-USE MATTERS to our customers because they believe that when a crane is easier to use, it will be safer, more efficient, and easier for an inexperienced operator to learn how to use.

Technology at a Glance

The issues of safety, productivity, precision, and ease-of-use matter to CAMotion. This is why CAMotion provides specialized crane solutions targeted at significantly improving these areas. These control solutions are referred to in the CAMotion literature as Expert OperatorTM, AutomoveTM, SafemoveTM, and CranevisionTM.


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Recent Applications
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Safemove Testing
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Auto Crane
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EO Examples
SAFEMOVE provides collision protection for cranes. The system allows multiple arbitrarily-shaped No-Fly Zones to be configured in the workspace.
Coil-Moving Crane with EXPERTOPERATOR (EO) crane control. Data from 2012 AISTech Conference presented: Load swing reduction, reduced load positioning time, collision reduction.
Supervisory Control System (SCS) for Novelis. The system automatically drives the crane to different locations. The system automatically avoids obstructions, takes the most time-efficient path, reduces payload swing, and positions within 1 inch.
"EXPERTOPERATOR" crane controller at several industrial installations: Abell-Howe crane at Johnson Controls, 20-ton shipping crane at Southwire, Coil Crane at a steel mill, shop crane at CraneWerks, and Demag Crane at ASAV.

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