Crane Antisway
Benefits at a Glance
Expert crane operators skillfully maneuver cranes safely and efficiently. Expert Operator is a hardware module that intercepts pendent commands – converts them into expert commands – and then issues the modified commands to motor drives. This permits all crane operators to perform like experts. Cable sway is eliminated; efficiency safety are increased. Download the Expert Operator crane simulator for a virtual test drive.

PRODUCTIVITY Hundreds of operator studies demonstrate that cycle time improves by 10% to 40%.

COMPATIBLE with existing VFDs, radio and tethered pendents with continuous or multi-step functionality.

SEAMLESS integration into existing hardware plat- form. 1-Day installation time, typical.

SIMPLE Accurate load placement is simple because operators focus on positioning rather than swing correction.

SENSORLESS Expert Operator is the only anti-sway technology that does not require sensors of any kind, even with complicated rigging configurations - no encoders, zone sensors, or other hoist length measurement.

SAFETY Load sway prevention reduces risk of equipment damage and personal injury.

TRAINING Novice operators perform as well as experienced counter parts, reducing the need for extensive training.

Expert Operator Overview
Expert Operator is a hardware module that allows inexperienced crane operators to perform like experts. Cable sway is eliminated, collisions are reduced.

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