Benefits at a Glance

AUTOMATIC LOAD CENTERING Cranevision detects “side-pull” lifts. When an off-center lift is detected, hoisting is immediately prevented. Cranevision can be configured to automatically center the crane over the load before hoisting can resume.

SNAGGING DETECTION Cranevision detects when the hook or rigging are accidentally snagged during traverse motion. When a snag is detected, traverse motion immediately stops.

PUSH & PULL CONTROL Cranevision can enable crane motion to be made by simply pushing or pulling on the load. This type of haptic control simplifies precise load positioning, and gives operators one additional method for precise load positioning.

DISTURBANCE REJECTION Payload swing caused by an inexperienced operator, or from external disturbances like wind, can be quickly damped out by enabling Cranevision. In this way, Cranevision acts as an active anti-sway device.


Cranevision Overview
Vision-based crane manipulation increases safety and simplifies precise positioning tasks

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