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CAMotion Technology Featured in RF-iD Journal

In today's manufacturing environment, humans often work side by side with large robotic equipment. Many factories thus count on automated protection systems to ensure that robotic cranes and other automated heavy machinery never collide with a person—even if that individual's behavior is unexpected (such as if he or she leans down to tie a shoe, then suddenly stands).

CAMotion, a provider of robotic automation machinery, is offering Q-Track's RFID-based Collision Avoidance Non-Line of Sight (CANLOS) system to its customers. The solution, intended to provide redundancy to CAMotion's existing laser-based perimeter-safety system, employs RFID receivers (readers) on cranes, as well as RFID tags worn by workers, to detect an imminent collision and stop a crane before that can occur.

This technology was featured in a recent edition of RFiD Journal – a leading authority on RFiD technology. [Download Article Here].


ABOUT CAMotion: CAMotion is a Georgia Institute of Technology spin-off company. CAMotion's products are distinguished by the use of advanced motion control to achieve high precision and speed. CAMotion provides advanced crane control solutions, and manufactures high-speed case packing, palletizing and depalletizing machines.

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