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First Expert Operator Crane Control System Installed in Europe

Robotics firm, CAMotion Inc., recently installed and commissioned an Expert OperatorTM system in Ede, The Netherlands. The system is the first of CAMotion's advanced crane control technology suite to be implemented in Europe.

Rob Loomis, Director of Business Development for CAMotion, noted that “Crane safety is a global concern. Europe is taking the lead in establishing new safety standards. CAMotion's Expert Operator is a vital technology to reduce accidents.”

Expert Operator
TM is a motion control technology that simplifies crane operation. It provides a means by which any crane operator, novice or experienced, can operate a crane like an expert. This is accomplished through the use of advanced control algorithms whereby an operator's commands are converted to “expert” commands, then issued to the crane drives.

The positive effects of this technology are significant and measurable:

  • hook and payload swing are reduced by 85% - 95%,
  • collisions and near misses are significantly reduced or eliminated entirely,
  • positioning efficiency is generally improved by 25%, and
  • most importantly, novice operators perform as well as seasoned professionals with as little as 1 hour of training.

Expert OperatorTM is unique in the marketplace in that it is the only technology of its kind that

  • suppresses hook and payload oscillation throughout the entire hoist range,
  • is effective with complex rigging configurations, and
  • does not require the use of encoders, limit switches, operator selector switch input, or any other sensor reading.

The Expert OperatorTM system was installed on a 5-Ton bridge crane. The crane is located in the production facilities of ASAV, a crane builder and integration specialist in Ede, The Netherlands.

The initiative to implement and thoroughly test the technology at this venue was the result of collaboritive efforts between Veer Motion Solutions and D2Lifting. Veer Motion Solutions is an automation specialist and authorized CAMotion Distributor in Europe. D2Lifting is a Dutch lifting equipment specialist offering innovative lifting solutions. D2Lifting is a part of D2Cranes BV that has recently introduced a series of hoist and lifting products for cleanroom environments. 

For contact about Expert OperatorTM in Europe, refer questions to Mr. Niels van der Sloot of Veer Motion Solutions: 0031-6-51 08 2803. For contact about this installation refer questions to Mr. Roland Hessels of D2Lifting: 0031-6-53 65 2494.

ABOUT CAMotion: CAMotion is a Georgia Institute of Technology spin-off company. CAMotion's products are distinguished by the use of advanced motion control to achieve high precision and speed. CAMotion provides advanced crane control solutions, and manufactures high-speed case packing, palletizing and depalletizing machines.


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