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CAMotion Inc. Presentation at 2011 RIA, AIA, & MCA Joint Conference

Dr. Khalid Sorensen of robotics firm CAMotion Inc. recently spoke at a joint conference of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), Motion Control Association (MCA), and Robotic Industries Association (RIA). The conference attracted approximately 350 industry leaders from the robotics, machine vision, and motion control industries.

Soresnen's presentation centered around how CAMotion combines machine vision with motion control technologies to facilitate:

  1. rapid & low-cost machine integration;
  2. flexible and unstructured product staging;
  3. increased safety; and
  4. small system footprints.

Specific case studies were presented demonstrating the critical role of machine vision in CAMotion's automation products. These include case packing systems, palletizing and depalletizing machines, and specialized motion control for industrial bridge and gantry cranes.

Dr. Sorensen was joined by other industry leaders who also spoke on the topic of machine vision and motion control. These were Jeff Baird from Adept Technology, Dirk Lipper from Cognex, and Kyle Voosen from National Instruments.

While the role of machine vision has typically been one of inspection, CAMotion has been at the forefront of innovating in this domain. CAMotion's Log Depalletizing System, for example, which is used heavily in the print industry, utilizes machine vision in a very unconventional manner. Multiple cameras inspect not parts, but rather survey the entire robot workspace (which can be 2000 square feet or larger). The cameras are used to determine the precise 3-dimensional location of products as they are imprecisely positioned into the workspace with fork trucks.

Another somewhat unconventional use of machine vision is related to CranevisionTM, one of CAMotion's advanced crane control products. This technology combines machine vision, robust tracking algorithms, and motion control to enhance the crane operators manipulate cranes.

ABOUT CAMotion: CAMotion is a Georgia Institute of Technology spin-off company. CAMotion's products are distinguished by the use of advanced motion control to achieve high precision and speed. CAMotion provides advanced crane control solutions, and manufactures high-speed case packing, palletizing and depalletizing machines.

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