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Caterpillar Inc. Places Repeat Order for CAMotion Crane Control Technology

CAMotion Inc. provides automation and motion control solutions for electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes. Recently, a large order for CAMotion's crane technology was received from Caterpillar Inc., a leading manufacturer in the heavy machinery industry.

CAMotion's crane solutions include technologies for automatic load positioning, collision prevention, side-pull compensation, and an anti-sway technology enabling novice crane operators to perform as well as their experienced counterparts. The control features are referred to in the CAMotion literature as AutomoveTM, SafemoveTM, CranevisionTM, and ExpertOperatorTM, respectively.

The order from Caterpillar follows a year-long testing and validation process that began in December of 2009. At that time, CAMotion installed their crane technology on a single pilot crane at Caterpillar's Production Center of Excellence, in Mossville, IL. The facility serves as a testing center. Over the next year, the technology progressed through a series of validation studies. After validation, the technology was opened for use to production business units within Caterpillar, at which time the large order was placed.

CAMotion hosts several CMS product demonstrations monthly. For more information about crane control solutions, or to schedule a product demonstration, contact CAMotion Inc.

About CAMotion: CAMotion is a Georgia Institute of Technology spin-off company. CAMotion's products are distinguished by the use of advanced motion control to achieve high precision and speed. In addition to industrial crane control solutions, CAMotion also manufactures high speed case packing, palletizing and depalletizing machines. 

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