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Atlanta, GA Robotics Firm CAMotion Announces Repeat Order for Crane Technology

Atlanta-based robotics firm, CAMotion, received a repeat order for their Crane Manipulation System (CMS) from a leading aluminum sheet manufacturer. CAMotion's CMS provides crane operators with a means of commanding swing-free motion, the capability for precise and automatic positioning, and protection from collisions. CAMotion's CMS generally reduces payload swing by 85-95%, can automatically position payloads within an inch of desired positions, and prevents collisions between the crane and surrounding equipment.

The repeat CMS order originated from a customer that utilizes cranes extensively for production and maintenance purposes. One such crane was used for transferring multi-ton rolls from a holding area to different work stations. Inefficient transfers, and occasional collisions with surrounding equipment motivated the customer to equip this crane with the first of their CMS units. Since its successful installation, the CMS has eliminated collisions, improved transfer speed, and significantly reduced training time for new operators. This successful installation motivated the commissioning of additional CMS units.

CAMotion hosts several CMS product demonstrations monthly. For more information about crane control solutions, or to schedule a product demonstration, contact Khalid Sorensen.


About CAMotion:  CAMotion is a Georgia Institute of Technology spin-off company. CAMotion's products are distinguished by the use of advanced motion control to achieve high precision and speed. In addition to industrial crane control solutions, CAMotion also manufactures high speed case packing, palletizing and depalletizing machines. 



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