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Machine Tending

Machine tending robots automate the throughput of product through work stations. CAMotion manufactures custom machine tending robots for automating placement and retrieval.

Robots built to handle a wide range of payload sizes and weights ranging from sub-ounce to multi-ton. Gantry & crane-type robots can service multiple machines.

Machine tending robots customized for application.

Optional machine-vision part inspection can be integrated into system.

Engineered for continuous industrial duty. Proven in production print, aluminum, and aircraft industries.

Tending Applications
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High-Speed Tending
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Log Depalletizer
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Bold Handler
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Machine Tending Crane
CAMotion's high-speed machine tending robot is designed to service a large workspace. Modular end effectors facilitate the transport of wide product range. Sub-millimeter positioning accuracy is typical.
CAMotion developed a high-speed automated bolt handling system for servicing a bolt-threader.
This robotic crane system was designed for the printing industry to be used on a bindery line. The system automates the depalletizing of logs and loading of stream feeders.
Advanced crane control at Logan Aluminum. Anti-sway, automatic positioning, and safety boundaries were implemented on 35-ton and 30-ton cranes. Crane services four machine stations.

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